About the Author

Joey Ruff is the author of The Midnight Defenders, a Paranormal Mystery series about a foul-mouthed P.I. in Seattle.

You can find his books on Amazon.com

To read about his writing adventure, you can visit his blog, but he doesn’t update it very often.


Marc Nutton is in the house. He is not nearly as cool as he would like to think. He is slightly addicted to hunting Pokemon, but can stop any time…

He is a writer of many things, but a poor finisher. The idea is always more exciting than the process. There will be a book finished at sometime in the future, but whether it is Dirk Lazerus the resurrected detective, Inken Wells the storyteller who can manifest his characters in the real world or one of a dozen others, who knows?

You can see some snippets of his work on his blog.


Have a tip?  Want to reach out and say hi?  Email us at fandominions@gmail.com.





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