Review: Stick It To the Man is a Weird and Wonderful Adventure!

What it is:

A puzzle platformer from Zoink Games.

The game is out November 23rd on Switch for $11.99.



When I was in high school, a movie came out in the theaters that I hadn’t seen any trailers for, hadn’t heard of, and knew nothing about.  Some friends caught it randomly opening night and kidnapped me to take me to see it the next day.  They refused to say anything about it, saying it was best to go into the movie cold.  Needless to say, the movie blew me away, lived up to the hype, and has survived to be one of the craziest/best movies to this day.

That movie was The Matrix.

Come to think of it, a similar story happened with the movie Fight Club, which is still arguably my favorite movie.

All that to say, I had no idea what I was getting into with this game and ended up loving it far more than I anticipated.  I know, it’s been out on other systems for some time, so you’ve likely played it already, but I hadn’t.

The game’s wacky story and bizarre cast of characters deserves to be experienced, and I’ll do little here to spoil your fun.  If you’ve played the game, you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, trust me…you need to.

The game is written by Ryan North, of Adventure Time fame, and the weird and wacky that made that show what it is surely followed him here.

The game’s gimmick is a giant hand that has sprouted from the top of the main character’s head.  This hand is used to grab things and to read the thoughts of those around him.  Both are necessary for advancement.  As you probably can guess, the thoughts are fittingly odd and flesh out some truly unique characters in ways you wouldn’t otherwise get without literally getting into their heads.

The primary thing worth grabbing here are the stickers that can be found either scattered throughout the environment or discovered within the heads of said people.  These stickers are used to solve problems and open up the next area of the stage.

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of games I have at present, coupled with the enormous lack of time I have to play them, keeps me from breezing through the rest of this game, but suffice it to say, it is something I plan to do before year’s end, or I’ve done myself a great disservice.



Not really sure what to say here without giving the fun away, so I’ll just say this:

The game is about a guy that develops a hand coming out of the top of his head that nobody else can see but him.  On his travels, he helps people.  You learn about his past to better understand his present.


The left stick moves your character, while the right stick moves the hand coming out the top of his head.  Shoulder buttons are used in conjunction with said hand, allowing you to read the thoughts of others or to grip and tear or place stickers you find throughout.  While there is a button for jumping, that skill isn’t as necessary in this game as in others.


The art style is welcome and fun.  With the flip-top heads on every character, the game certainly channels the Canadians of South Park.  Heck, the 2d, paper thin designs of the characters suggests South Park, though it is admittedly darker.  Yet despite its darkness, the game somehow manages to be bright and colorful.  The exaggeration in the characters amplifies the game’s humor, which is possibly its selling point.


Why you should play it:

 The humor, the art, the story…all blend together in a wonderfully symbiotic way to deliver a game that doesn’t come along every generation.  And with Zoink’s already confirmed semi-follow-up Flipping Death heading to the Switch, you’ll want to check this out for yourself.


Let us know what you think of Stick It to the Man in the comments section below!

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