Review: Kid Tripp Gives the Throwback Feels

What it is:

An action platformer from Four Horses.

The game is out November 23rd on Switch for $3.99.


In the late 80s, there was an NES game (now classic) called Adventure Island that was made by game developer Hudson.  The character ran across the island, eventually picking up axes he could use to attack with, and then jumped on a skateboard (with helmet, because…safety).  The game made you run forward by default, and it was incredibly hard.  I’m not sure if I ever got past the first stage, but I always wanted to keep trying.  Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment?

I haven’t played that game in years.  Hell, I haven’t even thought about it in as long, but playing Kid Tripp brought back all kinds of memories…deja vu…like some twisted fever-dream flashback of the war.

Similarly to Hudson’s classic, you are propelled forward by some strange urge, without the player’s input, as if by a burning desire to poop.  There are no toilets waiting at the end of each level, however, and while the game is difficult, the inherent ability to throw rocks makes it more palatable.

I made it at least to the fifth stage here, but I put in significant time to do so.

kid tripp3


As near as I can tell, Kid Tripp is a pilot who crashes into a very tall giraffe.  Said giraffe is understandably angry, and he causes a bunch of random animals to chase Kid Tripp away (or murder him, possibly…), so he must navigate the platforms and pitfalls of a treacherous junglescape.


One button jumps and one button throws rocks.  Of course, you can kill enemies by jumping on their heads (because that’s believable), also.  The main complaint I have about this game is that the joystick is broken and the character runs forward on his own.


The 8-bit pixelization here will certainly attract an audience that grew up with games of this style.  For what it is, the art is clean, the characters are big and easy to decipher, and is one of the better looking 8-bit modern games I’ve played recently.

kid tripp2

Why you should play it:

Make no mistake, there’s not a ton of depth to discover in this game, but it’s fun to pick up and play, and the price is on-point and worth it just for the fleeting nostalgia. 


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