Review: Green Game: TimeSwapper is One to FastForward Past

What it is:

A puzzle game from iFun4all.

The game released November 17th on Switch for $2.99.



With a name like iFun4all, I can imagine this developer started out making mobile games.  That’s not a knock on them, at all, as you have to start somewhere.  As a mobile game, I’m sure this did well, but that’s what this game is.

Not all games designed for mobile phones deserve to be ported to consoles, and while this game has its challenges and will likely find its audience, I just didn’t find it all that fun.  For (possibly) the first time in Nintendo’s recent history, their system has an overabundance of quality games, and I’ve been playing quite a few of those lately, so this game didn’t make much of an impact for me, sadly.

“What is it?” you ask.

The game is about a robot parrot that breaks out of his cage and just flies straight.  With a swipe of your finger, you control the operation of “air guns” that alter the flight path, directing the bird to pick up these discs before recovering him safely in another cage.

The entire premise adds little to logic, if you ask me.  Who built the bird?  Why did they let it out?  Why put it back in a cage only to let it out again on the next board…?  It seems like if someone really wanted to collect the discs, there’s probably a better way to go about doing so.

As for the name, Green Game, it’s because everything in the game is, well, green.  It’s a dumb name.  But, somewhere in the annals of time, it will occupy shelf space next to the Beatles’ White Album, the 90s song Blue by Eiffel 65, and a color wheel from Sherwin Williams.

Thankfully, this game is priced right, or it would have gotten a lower score.



The official release for this game gives the story as such:

You are a master of time. You can set it to past, present and future. Use this power to help a mechanical bird complete its extremely important mission of collecting the knowledge about a mysterious green world.

I didn’t get that out of the game…at all.


There are no controls on this game.  To manipulate time, you swipe left and right with your finger on the touchscreen.


The art is fine and crisp, but the  and the music is cool and jazzy

Why you should play it:

If you like mobile games or are looking for something a bit different for not a lot of money, you’ll enjoy this title.

But honestly, if you’re looking for a mobile-style game to play on the Switch, you’re probably better off with King Oddball for just a little extra $$.



Let us know what you think of Green Game: TimeSwapper in the comments section below!

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