Review: Octodad – Dadliest Catch is the Most Unique Gameplay You’re Likely to Find

What it is:

A narrative adventure game from Young Horses, Inc.

The game is out November 9th on Switch for $14.99.



I have to give mad props to any game that can do its own thing so unapologetically well with no regard to what other game devs are doing.  That may almost sound like an insult, but it isn’t intended to be one.  Octodad is, pure and simply, a game unlike anything else you’ve played before.

The game begins at Octodad’s wedding.  The completely naive woman he ends up marrying is waiting at the altar for him to arrive, so you must navigate the back hallways of the church to get dressed, without causing too much inevitable damage.

It sounds silly, and it is.  But something just works about it.  Within ten minutes of playing the game, my son loudly declares, “This is my favorite game on the Switch right now.”

The controls are at first clunky, but after a little time, they become slightly navigable, and Octodad really does move believably as a cephalopod playacting as a human in a suit.  The events that follow are challenging, sometimes outlandish, and often surprising.  As when Octodad is suddenly attacked by a large, sucking lawnmower while reattaching a fallen bird house.



Without getting too in-depth, you play an octopus who has somehow fooled his wife and children that he is a human, despite having no actual ability to speak or human features, and he must constantly perform as such to not blow his cover, which occasionally means dodging chefs that want to cook him.  I mean, it’s pretty standard, right?


The controls are what make this game as good as it is.  One trigger controls the left leg, the other trigger controls the right.  Shoulder button grabs, joysticks move the limbs.  The game is trippy, but it’s what makes it so appealing. While you have to fumble around for a little while, getting used to the controls grants a certain feeling of accomplishment.


With a little clean-up the animation is as good as any animated series on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network yet the style is unique enough to set it apart.  Plus the voice acting is stellar.


Why you should play it:

 Pick this game up if you like an odd sense of humor, wacky characters, and a unique game play experience.


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