“Multiple Man” Movie Starring James Franco is Coming from Fox

I woke up this morning going, I can’t believe Fox hasn’t announced any new X-men movies lately.

And now this.

Deadline is reporting that (mostly) comedic actor James Franco has been tapped to play Jamie Madrox, aka The Multiple Man.  If you aren’t familiar with the character, he was a prominent supporting character in the 90s X-Factor series, only to turn around and take a turn leading the group in his own X-Factor comic in the 2000s.  The latter series focused on X-Factor Investigations, a detective agency run by mutants and featuring a supporting cast like Wolfsbane, Shatterstar, and M.  It was also a much darker departure than the bright spandex of the 90s.

The movie will be written by Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) with Simon Kinberg producing.  Of course, Kinberg has produced every Fox Marvel project since First Class, so no surprise there.

Given the recent turn the X-men films have taken with Deadpool Logan, not to mention the trailer for New Mutants, I would anticipate they’ll lean more on the 2000’s take on the character.

While not fully opposed to Franco (he’s likable enough in most of his movies), I think this is an odd choice and certainly proves that Fox has no regard at all to their earlier X-Men films, where the same character was played by Eric Dane.

Are you excited for this news? Indifferent? Let us know below.


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