Review: Cat Quest Delivers Action/RPG Goodness on Switch

What it is:

An action/adventure RPG from The Gentlebros and Pqube.

The game is out November 10 on Switch for $12.99.  Previously available on Steam and your phone.



Cat Quest is a game where they thought, remember world maps in old school RPG’s?  What if we made the whole game that way?  You never actually go into a town or change screens for a battle; everything just happens on the world map.

And ya know what, I don’t hate it.

You can see the enemies coming, you can see their attack zone/pattern, and you can choose to fight or run.  That’s a welcome relief when you just got out of a dungeon and your health bar is virtually nonexistent.

Because of this map style, the game is completely open-world.  As long as you can avoid the attacks and outrun the monsters, you can literally go anywhere in the land that you want at any point.  The caves that contain treasure are marked accordingly with level suggestions so you don’t accidentally get in over your head.

The game progresses through the quests you pick up on the town message boards, and everything is very easy to follow from there.  Backstory is told through monuments that are scattered across the map and in dialogue with the main villain, as well as a couple cut scenes that suggest humans were involved at some point.

Of course, the big bad is an evil wizard cat, because why not, and there’s foreboding talk of a rival nation of dogs, but otherwise the game is straight up cat people vs dragons, and it’s wonderful.

On top of that, I respect the hell out of any game that changes the look of the character based on the items and gear you equip onto them.  I know…these days, it’s much more of a common practice than not, especially in MMO’s and the like, but when you grew up playing old school JRPG’s, Final Fantasy, etc, that never happened.  So it still tickles me when a game does this.  It tells me that the devs weren’t lazy and they care about the little aspects of what they’re doing.

I gotta give this game mad props on the sheer fun it offers and the originality of story and characters.  IRL, I’m not a cat guy.  We have dogs and chickens, so cats don’t really fit in here, but this game makes me reconsider adopting a feline if I can dress it up in adorable outfits and make it swing a sword around.



Your sister is taken by an evil wizard cat, which awakens an ancient power deep within the hero cat.  The wizard challenges that if the hero can defeat all of his dragons, he’ll release the sister back to him.


For a cat that wields powerful attack magic, you get all four shoulder buttons to assign specific magic spells to.  Rather than a jump button, you get to roll out of harm’s way. Another button attacks, and another interacts with items you come across.


The art is cute, cartoony and fun.  I love the way the cat bounds around by leaping, rather than taking actual steps.  It gives the feeling that you’re being chased by Peppy LePew (or are Peppy…it’s been a while since I’ve actually seen that cartoon).


Why you should play it:

 The action is fierce and the game is surprisingly deep for what initially feels like a simple game.  If you’re a fan of old-school Zelda titles or throwback action RPG’s, then you’ll find much to love with this one.


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