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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Fight Aliens in Season 5 Promo

While Inhumans may not have been the hit that Marvel and ABC were hoping for, their stalwart original, Agents of SHIELD, returns in only a couple weeks and features a major shake-up.

As you’ll notice, the Kree are back in full effect along with a panther-like creature that I’ve seen some websites refer to as Brood.  While the similarities are certainly there, the Brood would be an odd and surprising choice of character as the only comic stories I can associate with them have them X-Men villains, and we all know where those film/TV rights lie these days.

Either way, SHIELD tends to do alright with shake-ups like this one (i.e. the Framework), so this season ought to at least offer new ground to cover.  Here’s hoping we see some new folks from the comics show up at some point during the season, though characters like Abigail Brand are likely tied up with Fox.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on Friday, December 1st.

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