Review: King Oddball Dominates!

What it is:

A puzzle game from 10 Tons.

The game is out October 30 on Switch for $4.99.



Sadly, I doubt King Oddball will ever receive the hype and recognition that was given to Angry Birds, as that craze swept the nation for a time, though KO deserves every bit the recognition…and then some.

Honestly, Oddball would make a much better movie.  Hell, it could be a Rick & Morty episode.

The reason I make the comparison is that the game plays very similarly to Angry Birds.  Rather than feathered friends slung out of a sling, a planetary being with designs on world conquest comes to earth and is greeted by tanks and soldiers…which he must crush by hurling boulders at them with his tongue.

The dynamic is slightly different than Birds, but the principal is the same.  And it doesn’t disappoint.  I can’t count the time I’d spent sitting on the toilet slinging birds at pigs, and Oddball fills that time waste perfectly.

The levels aren’t overly difficult, and there are a few tricks that allow you extra boulders, like killing 3+ enemies with one stone, but normally you get three rocks to clear a stage.  There are challenges that you can uncover as you progress which allow you to replay levels with variations.


As hinted above, King Oddball is an alien presence that comes to earth with designs on conquering it.  Rather than trying to stop him, you are him, and his task becomes your own.  Smash through tanks and turn soldiers to dust as you make your way across the continent.



One button is all you need for this gem.  Oh, and good timing.


The art here is fun, and the titular character looks amazing!  The music is fun, as well, cutting out just as the last stone is thrown and leaving you in suspense while the final boulder bounces around and comes to a rest.


Why you should play it:

Why shouldn’t you?  For only $5, you can get an ad-free game that will keep you occupied for hours of mindless fun (or your kids, so you can nap or get some chores done) and keep you coming back time and time again. 


Let us know what you think of King Oddball in the comments section below!

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