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Game Review: Splasher Brings the Fun and Frantic to Platforming

What it is:

A 2d platforming shooter with arcade-style elements from Plug In Digital & Splashteam.

The game is out now on Playstation 4 & Switch for $14.99.



Every once in a while, a game comes along and I just keep playing it and keep playing it, forgetting all about the fact I’m supposed to review it.

That’s what happened here.  While we played the PS4 version of the game, Splasher does release today on the Switch, makes this review timely and relevant, despite my procrastination 😛

I showed my brother a video of this game, and his first response was, “looks like Mega Man.”  I didn’t disagree, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

In practice, this game is Mega Man meets Too Much Coffee Man.  The spirit of the “Blue Bomber” is present in nearly every level in the way you change weapons/ink and shoot enemies, but the game serves more as an homage, as well as an evolution, to Capcom’s famous series.  The energy is cranked way up, and the added speed run mode certainly adds to that, big time.

The story isn’t overly developed, but the game doesn’t need it.  It’s an action game, and the action delivers.  Yes, it’s tough.  Yes, you’re going to die a whole lot, but you can learn from those deaths, and (at least for me) the dying never got too tedious, as it does with some games.  Maybe that’s because the game devs were smart enough to sprinkle auto-save points throughout the levels, and especially after the more challenging areas.

Overall, the game is a total blast, one you can easily burn a few hours playing and not feeling guilty for it.


With no dialogue, the game’s story comes across in a series of comic-book style images.  The protagonist is an innocent dude in an ink/paint factory that discovers upper management is mutating the employees into monstrous creatures.  Reaching deep into his pool of self-preservation and valor, he seeks to free his fellow workers and flee the factory with them.



The controls really worked for me.  Rather than having to pause the game to change between inks, the game just assigns a unique button to each, which allows easy access to change between on the fly, allowing you to shoot as fast as your fingers will allow, which works wonders in swapping between sticky ink and bouncy ink while climbing walls and jumping over spikes.


The art here is fantastic with a smooth and colorful style, fluid and fun animation, with music to match.  On top of that, the sound effects evoke the right amount of squishy, goopy, bouncy antics requisite for a game of this nature.

What’s cool about this game is the weird and wacky enemies that you stumble across.  The monsters that the factory is turning its employees into are definitely very grotesque, “Cronenberg” type creatures that bring a sharp contrast to the otherwise bright game.


Why you should play it:

The unique and frantic gameplay style bring a richness of play not readily found elsewhere, while the speed-run features add a level of replayability that most games could only dream of having.  If you have any interest in Platformers, this should be top of your list.



Let us know what you think of Splasher in the comments section below!

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