Game Review: Jydge Makes the Punishment Feel so Good

What it is:

A top-down action/shooter with RPG elements from 10tons Ltd.

The game is out October 19 on Switch for $14.99.



I’m a massive fan of Mr. Shifty.  It was one of the first Switch titles I was fortunate enough to review after starting this website, and this game reminded me a little of that going into it (mostly from the top-down angle).

Dudes!  This game kicks Mr. Shifty‘s ass!!  Well, in terms of playability, replay value, and how much fun it is to stomp criminals.  Let’s be honest, this isn’t an apples to apples comparison, and I don’t want to spend this entire review comparing the two.  They’re separate games, but if you’re a fan of one, chances are, you’ll be a fan of the other.

Now, what makes Jydge stand apart from the crowd of other indy games out there is the level of customization.

The player takes on the role of Jydge…which is somewhere between Robocop and Judge Dredd.  As you progress through the game, completed different tasks on each level (i.e., completing the board without being detected, not taking damage, within a certain time frame, etc.) you earn points which unlock new features that can be used to customize your armor, your weapon, or your special attack.

Armor upgrades range from stealth to armor or health boosts, speed bursts, etc.  Upgrading the gun gives a wider range of customization, changing out ammo from lasers to plasma bursts to shotgun shells, adding armor piercing rounds or rapid fire, decreased reload times, and so many other things.  Special attacks add unique elements to gameplay, from high-powered rockets to mechanical seeker spiders to C4 that can be triggered at will.

The customization really adds to the replay value of the game. In my experience, after playing and failing a dozen times at one level, changing up your weapons and enhancements can really give you the extra edge you need.  Additional levels are unlocked by increasing your point score, so replaying the levels isn’t just suggested, it’s required to advance.


There is little story that I’ve seen, but the game doesn’t suffer at all for that.  Rather, you seem to just be an android police officer that shows up at locations investigating calls.  The thin veneer of plot is dictated by the three objectives you are given at each level: rescue all the hostages, don’t be seen, get in and out in a short amount of time, grab all the loot, etc.



Controls are simple, yet effective.  Shoulder buttons fire (standard and special). Melee is pretty ineffective, but there’s a button for that, also.


Dark, moody and atmospheric…which may all mean the same thing, but who cares, right?  I will say, playing in the car, catching the right glare on the screen, I almost couldn’t see the game at all…it’s just that dark.  But playing on the big screen at home, this game is just glorious.  I love the art style.  I love the camera angle.  I love the way the music changes at random every time you play/replay a level, as that keeps things fresh.


Why you should play it:

 If you like challenging, action-packed games that have more than one way to solve challenges and offer a virtually limitless array of customizations, this is exactly the kind of game you’ve been missing.


Let us know what you think of Jydge in the comments section below!

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