Game Review: Astro Bears Party is Mostly Foul, Little Party

What it is:

An Arcade Party Quasi-fighting game from QubicGames.

The game released September 27 on Switch for $4.99.


Around my house, we have a habit of saying, “You’re so pretty” to people that exhibit certain idiotic or absent-minded behavior.  The saying is basically, “You’re not very bright, but at least you’re pretty.”

That’s how I feel about this game.

Maybe I’m just spoiled, but if a game says “Party” in the title, I expect more of an assortment.  One basic game, both single-player and multi-player, is not exactly what I would call a party.  Why not just call the game Astro Bears and leave it at that?

For some reason, four bears are in space, wearing spacesuits, and they run around on a moon or small planet, trailing a hard-light energy behind them.  In single player mode, you collect fish because…why not?  Your only threat is your own tail that grows with each fish you collect.  There’s a high score to be beat, which keeps players coming back for more.  It’s very arcade-ish.


Multiplayer pits 2 to 4 people against each other, running along said planetary orbs, trying to trick or trap the other players into hitting your tail and getting eliminated, leaving you as the last bear standing.  The game requires fast reaction times and a certain comfort level with the buttons that I never acquired, always running when I intended to jump.

Overall, the game bores quickly and offers little replay value if you’re as prone to dying as I was.


Four bears in spacesuits run around a planetary orb, leaving a destructive, Tron-like tail in their wake.

What can I say, party games don’t have much in terms of story, nor is one expected.


Movement with the joystick, button to jump (hold to hover) and a button to speed burst.


The best thing this game has going for it is the art.  It’s a very pretty game with that “animated series” look that looks better than most modern animated series.  Love and care was added to make this game pretty, and it shows.  It’s also why I played it as long as I did.

Why you should play it:

 My son loved this game.  He beat me in multiplayer very quickly, over and over again.  If you’re a younger gamer, I’m sure you’ll have more fun with this title than I did.  He was pretty good at it, and he kept kicking my butt, which is probably why he kept playing me.

The game is also priced very reasonably, which may entice some people who are simply looking for something new.


Let us know what you think of Astro Bears Party in the comments section below!

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