Game Review: Forma.8

What it is:

A side-scrolling action adventure from MixedBag Srl.

The game released August 24th on Switch for $9.99.



This game feels like a spinoff of the movie Wall-E.  A robot probe exploring a virtually uninhabited planet is a cool concept, even if gameplay does drag at times (at least compared to other games out there) and prolonged play times do tend to drag just a little.


This story is portrayed without words, so here’s my interpretation:

A large spaceship comes across an undiscovered planet and sends probes out to investigate the surface, scouring for resources, habitable life, etc.



The art here is simply wonderful.  Despite the depths of the darkness in this alien world, the colors really soar.  As you can see below, the game focuses more on shapes than textures, which creates an insane and unique palette to explore, feeling at times more like a fever dream than a video game.


Why you should play it:

Forma.8 may not be an overly complex game, but it’s something that begs to be experienced.

The world is deceivingly larger than you would expect, and while the battle system isn’t overly complex, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by enemies and defeated, providing the right amount of challenge for both new and seasoned gamers.


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