Game Review: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Goes Boldly Where No Game Premise Has Gone Before…and Rocks it!!

What it is:

A Multiplayer Party Action Space Shooter from game developer Asteroid Base.

The game is out October 3 on the Nintendo Switch for $14.99.



I’m absolutely astonished that a game premise like this has not been done before.  At least, if it has, I’m not aware of it.

While you fly a ship around through the vastness of space, you don’t control the ship.  You control the men inside.  There are various gun turrets, a shield generator, and a cockpit.  The various crew members must navigate the ladders and levels of the ship’s interior to man the various positions, work together and save the galaxy.

It’s brilliant!!!


Players (1-4, 1 player utilizes an AI accomplice) pilot a pretty pink Death Star/Technodrome-shaped spaceship through various galaxies, collecting pieces of a broken heart, collecting the lost lovers, and restoring romance and love to the galaxy.

Along the way, there are several zany boss battles and a Milky Way full of challenges.


Controls are relatively simple to learn but a bit challenging to master, utilizing a single joy-con per player. You’ve got a button to jump, a button to activate the station, a button to open presents, and a joystick to move around.


While the art is a little simple and cutesy, it’s very pretty and colorful…which is quite fitting for this title.

Why you should play it:

This game is an absolute blast!

If you don’t have any friends, this game can definitely be played by yourself, with the aid of a computer-controlled AI pet (a dog, cat, raccoon, or pig), that mans whichever station you assign him to.

That being said, the real fun begins when you partner up.

I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for engaging co-op games in our house.  My son and I take turns manning the cockpit or bouncing around to whichever gun station is most relevant for the encounter while my daughter does pretty well at maneuvering the shield to keep us boys alive.

The levels are randomly generated, and you have to work together to navigate the various pitfalls, take out the onslaught of villainous aliens and ships, collect the rabbits, frogs, bears and other missing citizens of the “Land of Love” to unlock the next chapter, upgrade your ships, and unlock new playable crew members.

After a series of levels, your ship reaches a boss battle, which pits your crew against a larger-than-life monster.  Boss battles tend to be tedious and frustrating in most platforming or shooting games, but Lovers manages to still keep the fight entertaining and light while challenging your skills and the thin threads of teamwork you’ve managed to sew.

Of course, there’s plenty that you miss on the first play through.  With each new ship offering more exciting ways of navigating the ever-changing boards, there’s really no limit to the amount of times you can breeze through the levels with your buddies.  Naturally, four-player co-op is possible on the TV, but if you’re on the go or sitting at the lunch table, you can just as easily take it with you and hand a joy-con off to a friend for a quick fix. 


Let us know what you think of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime in the comments section below!

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