Iron Fist Coming to Luke Cage Season 2

Ahead of the New York City Comic-Con, Marvel has released the above photo and announced that actor Finn Jones is joining the cast of Luke Cage Season 2.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the first season of either Cage or Iron Fist and was secretly hoping they’d scrap both in favor of a Heroes for Hire series, but I suppose this is the next best thing.  The characters had a great chemistry together in The Defenders, so it will be good to see their budding bro-mance blossom a little further.

Of course, where Danny Rand goes, Colleen Wing isn’t typically far behind, so maybe we’ll see her joining in the fun, as well.

A release date has yet to be given to Season 2, but expect it sometime in 2018 alongside season 2 of Jessica Jones, as the series is filming now.

Of course, with NYCC coming up, it will be exciting to see what other news we’ll get from Marvel, though don’t get your hopes up for Punisher, as they have decided it best to pull it from the Con due to recent tragic events.


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