Halloween Brings the Monsters to Avengers Academy!

Last year, the Halloween event for Marvel’s mobile game Avengers Academy brought us characters like Ghost Rider and Blade, so naturally, the bar was set high for this year’s follow-up.

Well, in the true spirit of the year’s events (i.e. Guardians, Spider-Man, Defenders, etc), not only will players get a chance to recruit any missed heroes from last year, but they’ll also nab some new characters, as well.

The tale of the tape goes like this: Baron Strucker, leader of the rival Hydra school, is coming back around to invade the secret labs beneath the academy with an army of zombie minions and Hydra goons.

His intrusion into said lab releases the Howling Commandos, bringing to the game and allowing players to recruit the likes of Dum Dum Dugan, Werewolf by Night, Vampire by Night, Man-Thing, the zombie Jasper Sitwell, and Hit-Monkey.  Orrgo, who first appeared in the monster event, will make a return trip here, and focus will be given to Strucker’s previous allies: Zemo, Madame Hydra, and Crossbones, so smart money would be on a 2nd recruitment opportunity for those, too.

New costumes (which, let’s face it, the Halloween ones are the best) for Thor, Punisher, Vision, She-Hulk, and others, will be made available alongside last year’s returning threads.

And, naturally, what comes after Halloween should be no surprise to anyone, as the MCU brings about the end of the world in Thor: Ragnarok, and the Academy will follow suit, so expect a big Asgardian bash!


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