Game Review: The Jackbox Party Packs 1&2

What it is:

Some would call it a digital board game…some would say it’s the ultimate party!

The games are out now, having released on 8/17/17 for the Nintendo Switch for $24.99 each.

I know this game has been released on like every platform, but this review is for the Switch version of the game.



This is a party game…  The story is, when the Switch launched, I bought a game called 1-2 Switch to entertain my friends.  That game got boring and annoying.  Now, we play this!


Controls are so simple, you don’t even use your controller.  All you need is an internet-enable device.  It could be a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, a smart phone…you get the idea.  If you can surf the web with it, you’re good to go.  I know this is radical departure and the company had flirted with an app in times past that wasn’t exactly a hit with the lads and ladies.  In my experience, this web-enabled login is perfect!!  It worked flawlessly, and it’s brilliant, because some of the games can support up to 100 players.


The art is current and hip, the voice acting is on-point and often hilarious.

Why you should play it:

As I alluded to earlier, this is the best party game.  Period.

In our neighborhood, our best friends also happen to be our neighbors.  We gather regularly for fun and hijinks, bouncing from Karaoke to various board or card games, such as “Cards Against Humanity,” whatever.  This game was a blast!

I have to review both games together because I got them at the same time and we played among the two packs interchangeably, bouncing from one game to the next.  Here’s the break down of the games that come with each pack (I ripped the descriptions straight from Nintendo’s site):

Party Pack 1:

  • The comedy trivia sensation YOU DON’T NOW JACK 2015 (1-4 players) with hundreds of all-new questions.
  • The hilarious bluffing game Fibbage XL (2-8 players), with 50% more questions added to the original hit game Fibbage.
  • The bizarre drawing game Drawful (3-8 players) – you draw right there on your phone or tablet (very little/no real skill required).
  • The racy-as-you-want-to-be fill-in-the-blank word game Word Spud (2-8 players).
  • The wacky-fact-filled Lie Swatter (1-100 players).

Party Pack 2:

  • The runaway hit bluffing game Fibbage 2 (2-8 players) with over 500 brand-new questions, more than 2x the original.
  • The hear-larious sound-effects game Earwax (3-8 players).
  • The absurd art auction game Bidiots (3-6 players), where you draw right there on your phone or tablet.
  • The say-anything, gut-busting Quiplash XL (3-8 players), which includes everything in Quiplash, Quip Pack 1, AND over 100 brand-new prompts.
  • The bomb-defusing nailbiter of a party game, Bomb Corp. (1-4 players).

As you saw, some of the games require drawing, some require bluffing…everything is done via secret ballot through each player’s individual screen.  Whether you’re writing a fake definition, drawing some ridiculous stick figure caricature, or voting for the answer you like best, nobody can see what you’re doing.  Gone are the days of split-screen!!  Gone are the days of moving a cursor across a keyboard with a joystick!!

Why should you get these games?  The value is immense!!  $25 is about what you’re going to pay for a board game these days, and for that price, you’re actually getting 5 games.  After you play a board game a couple times, you’ve gone through every card, every clue, every combination of play… (which is why we have EVERY expansion for CAH…”Being a Motherf*cking Sorcerer”!!).  Jackbox connects you to the internet (yes, if there’s a drawback, it’s that you need an internet connection to play and can’t do it in a cave or cabin), but as long as you keep that wifi alive, you’re content stays fresh.  No need to buy more cards.

You also don’t need your drinking buddies to have a good time, either.  My wife and I played it with the kids, and it’s the first time in memory that we had a solid time as a family where nobody got upset, nobody got hit or screamed at, everyone had plenty of laughs, and we all walked away feeling better for having spent time together as a family.  While I’m not exaggerating, I can’t guarantee these results will happen with your clan.  Your kids are probably insane, for all I know.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is also available on the Switch (which I have yet to play), and coming this Fall, is The Jackbox Party Pack 4.  



Let us know what you think of The Jackbox Party Packs in the comments section below!

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