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Marvel Reveals New Inhumans Trailer for SDCC

In case you were unaware, we are currently in the middle of Nerd Chanakuh, better known as San Diego Comic Con, a time where the members of fandom put on their best cosplay gear and make-up, flock to the sunny shores of Cali, and the movie studios bless us with the gifts of spoilers and trailers.

First up, we have a new trailer for Marvel and ABC’s Inhumans.  While this trailer is noticeably better than the first, it’s not saying too much.  The effects on Medusa’s hair really make me cringe, but Lockjaw looks pretty cool, and some of the other powers on display look on par with today’s effects.  That hair though… like a low-budget made-for-TV SyFy movie from the late 90’s.

You watch and decide for yourself.  Feel free to share your comments below.

“Marvel’s Inhumans” hits IMAX theaters September 1 for a limited engagement before the full series debuts on ABC September 29.

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