Hellboy Creator Announces New Movie – But It’s Not What You Expect

For a while now, fans have been demanding a third movie in the Hellboy film franchise with actor Ron Pearlman and director Guillermo Del Toro.  And who can blame them?  The first Hellboy was a fun romp, and the 2nd film, for me, was even more incredible.  I mean, a troll with a wrecking ball on his arm…?  Genius!

Well, today, that dream officially dies.  But like the phoenix, it is reborn just a little bit differently.  See, we are getting a third Hellboy film, but it won’t be a continuation of the series.

See below:


David Harbour, of course, played the sheriff in Netflix’s smash show Stranger Things.  It’s not the person I would have chosen for the part, but I can’t say that it’s bad casting.  Harbour is a solid actor, and he’ll no doubt crush the role.  And with Marshall helming the pic, you can damn-sure expect some kick-ass ass-kicking action.

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