Sequel Officially Announced for Split and Unbreakable!

The face above is the face I’m making right now as I write this.

When I was growing up, the one name in Hollywood that was at first praised…and then eventually shunned…was M. Night Shyamalan.  The first time watching the movie The Sixth Sense changed my outlook on storytelling and made movies more of an experience.

However, it was his follow-up film, Unbreakable, that really drove the filmmaker home for me.  Bruce Willis was (and still is) the man!  Putting him into a movie that was essentially a slow-burn indy superhero comic…that’s a winning combination, right there.

So, naturally, when the movie Split came out, and the internet exploded with spoilers about how the new movie was connected to the movie I grew up loving, I kind of lost my sh*t.  I watched Split a few weeks ago, and the movie was tense and intense in all the right ways and, to me, a worthy successor of Unbreakable.

After months of speculation, the director, who seems to have returned to form after the disasters that were The Happening and The Village, has officially announced that the sequel is coming.  Willis’ character, David Dunn, will face-off against The Beast from Split.

Willis and James McAvoy are both confirmed to revisit their characters for the trilogy’s finale, and given the film’s title, it makes sense that Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass would be making a return, as well.  Shyamalan confirmed the trio via a string of Tweets, as well as one surprising character:

If you’ve seen Split, you know that Joy’s character was the one that got away, literally, so it will be interesting to see what role she plays in the new film.  Perhaps she’ll play the Robin to Willis’ Batman?

Anyway, we have some time before the film comes out, so let the speculation begin.  Are you excited for the news?  Let us know in the comments below!

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