Marvel Announces Squirrel Girl’s Teammates for New Warriors Sitcom

I was just telling my wife last night that while I hate when TV shows do “alternate reality” stories, I’ve really been enjoying this latest batch of episodes from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  This speaks to the caliber of talent involved with the series and the huge growth that the show has had over the course of its four seasons.

And Marvel TV isn’t slowing down.  We have the Inhumans coming to ABC this Fall, Runaways hitting Hulu in the near future, Freeform joining the superhero game with Cloak and Dagger and New Warriors, not to mention all the Netflix stuff.  There’s a lot for Marvel fans to be excited about.

Up to this point, however, we’ve heard very little of the New Warriors project.  We know that it will be a 30 minute comedy show, and we know that it will focus on Squirrel Girl.  But that’s about it.  Until now.

Today, Marvel and Freeform have announced the other characters that will be joining Doreen Green in her sure-to-be zany adventures.  Granted, nobody has been cast yet, but expect that to change soon.

What follows is Marvel’s descriptions of the characters as they will appear in the

Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl)
Superpower: “The powers of a squirrel, the powers of a girl” (is acrobatic, strong, can fight, can talk to squirrels)
Doreen is a totally empowered fangirl. She is a natural leader—confident and tough, but not innocent. Doreen is bouncy and energetic and her greatest quality is her optimism… She has faith in others and inspires people to believe in themselves. She also takes her pet squirrel, Tippy Toe, everywhere.

Craig Hollis (Mister Immortal)
Superpower: Cannot die.  Ever.  Maybe.  So he says.
The team troublemaker and lothario… Craig is kind of like “The Most Interesting Man Alive,” except he’s more cocky than confident and at times, charmingly grumpy. Although Craig’s superpower seems amazing, he hasn’t made use of it at all—he’s lazy and figures if he has all the time in the world to learn how to fight, what’s the rush?

Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher)
Superpower: None
Dwayne is a local celebrity “hero” with his very own YouTube channel.  Brilliant, strong, noble, and maybe a bit full of himself, Dwayne is a shameless self-promoter and entrepreneur.  But he also deeply believes in justice — at least his version of it. Dwayne hides the fact that he comes from a really rich family because he’s afraid he’ll lose his street cred.

Robbie Baldwin (Speedball)
Superpower: Can launch kinetic balls of energy
Robbie grew up watching Quinjets take off from Avengers Tower and loves the idea of being a hero. He’s an impulsive and immature people-pleaser with a misplaced sense of confidence. Although you would think throwing kinetic balls of energy would be awesome and effective – his are completely out of control.

Zack Smith (Microbe)
Superpower: Can talk to germs
Zack is a shy hypochondriac whose ability nearly makes him a telepath — the germs tell him where you’ve been, what you ate and who you hung out with.  It’s impossible to keep secrets around him.  He’s a big sweet guy the team takes under their wing, and they help him find and grow his own confidence.

Deborah Fields (Debrii)
Superpower: Low level telekinetic; trickster
Deborah is proud, funny and quick witted.  Confidently out as a lesbian, Deborah has experienced deep loss in her personal life as a direct result of super “heroics.” She can take care of herself, or at least says she can.  She’s the one who calls people on their BS and has no fear of putting her opinions out there.


I’ll be honest, I expected Speedball when it was announced as a comedy show, and I had hoped for Night Thrasher. Those two are the New Warriors, for me.  Along with Nova, whose absence is felt, but I’m sure they’d rather see him in the cosmic film realm after Infinity War.  I’m not quite as familiar with Microbe, Mister Immortal, and Debrii, but their descriptions make them feel already like they’ll fit the show, not to mention add some needed diversity.

Now, let’s sit back and wait for the casting announcements.  Expect some young, fresh faces, possibly some Disney Channel vets.  I can already see Calum Worthy (Austin and Ally) as Speedball.


“Marvel’s New Warriors” is about six young people with powers living and working together. With powers and abilities on the opposite end of the spectrum of the Avengers, the New Warriors want to make a difference in the world … even if the world isn’t ready. Not quite super, not yet heroes, “Marvel’s New Warriors” is about that time in your life when you first enter adulthood and feel like you can do everything and nothing at once – except in this world, bad guys can be as terrifying as bad dates.  The network has ordered ten 30-minute episodes slated to debut in 2018.

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