Tyler Hoechlin Flying Back to Supergirl

The CW does DC superheroes right, and Supergirl has benefit greatly from making the single bound from NBC to the teen-focused network back in the fall.

Now, E! Online is reporting that Superman himself, Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf), will return for Supergirl‘s season finale this Spring.  Hoechlin made his debut as Kara’s more famous cousin during the first two episodes of this season, and his return for the finale frames a very fitting bookend.

The show is my daughter’s favorite, and Hoechlin is her actor-crush that she dreams about at night, so she’ll no doubt be giddy when I tell her this later.  She couldn’t say actual words for three days after the season premiere, just kind of giggled on a loop and nodded her head like one of those toy birds that drinks from a glass.  On a more serious note, his return is welcome and the actor does fit the role quite well.  Maybe he’ll be able to explain where he’s been the entire season as Kara’s been left to fight off crazed aliens and Cadmus by her lonesome.

Maybe the guy just needs his own show?

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