Major Marvel Movie & TV News Updates

There’s been a few things announced today.  Some are little tidbits and some are…okay, well, they’re all pretty minor, which is why I’m combining them.  Some of this may or may not be spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anything, why did you even click on this article.  I mean, really?

The Inhumans

ABC’s newest Marvel TV show is currently filming in Hawaii with a pretty impressive cast and is set to debut this Fall.  That’s what we know.  What we don’t know, however, is what the show will be about.  The Inhumans have factored heavily into ABC’s other Marvel series, Agents of SHIELD, and the royal family has thus far been absent.

Well, according to a rumor on CinemaBlend, we now have some idea of the basic plot.  Part of the Royal Family will arrive in Hawaii after a military coup divides them.   “While there, they interact with the tropical world and the people who live there, and they may even find a way to save the rest of the world as well as themselves.”

Chances are, we’re talking about Maximus the Mad leading the coup against his brother, King Blackbolt.  He’s done it before in the comics, he’ll do it again.  He’s a bastard.  Since they flee to Hawaii, it may be safe to assume that their fabled home in Attilan is on the moon, where it usually is in the comics, or perhaps in the remote mountainous areas of the earth, where it also sometimes is.

So, will the show be any good?  Disney thinks so.  The Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Media Distribution, Mark Endemano appeared at the LA Screenings TV preview event, and assured fans that the series would at least be memorable.  Enemano said, “I promise you, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before on television. It brings a richness and depth of storytelling.”

New Warriors

Sticking with TV, we learned yesterday that Freeform has ordered the New Warriors straight to series and that the show would be more of a sitcom/half hour comedy type show and feature Squirrel Girl as one of its members.  Also, THR is reporting that Kevin Biegel (Cougar Town and Scrubs) is close to signing a deal to write for and serve as showrunner.

Today, we get a little more info, saying that spinoffs are possible with any of the New Warriors characters.  The core characters have been established, but Marvel is apparently not yet willing to reveal them.  Also, while the show will air on the same network as Cloak and Dagger, the network seems hesitant to unite the shows CW-style in a cross-over, as the shows are very thematically different.

New Warriors revolves around six young people with powers living and working together. With powers and abilities on the opposite end of the spectrum of The Avengers, the New Warriors want to make a difference in the world…even if the world isn’t ready. With Freeform focused on a group dubbed “becomers” — those experiencing a series of firsts in life, including first loves and first jobs — New Warriors explores the journey into adulthood, except in this world, they’re not quite super and not yet heroes and the guys can be as terrifying as bad dates.

Spider-Man Homecoming

In an interview with Collider, Sony producer Amy Paschal talked all things Spidey.  Like how the Green Goblin won’t feature in the new film series for awhile, and how the Daily Bugle would be absent for now.

Rumors have been swirling around lately that Spider-Man would be leaving the MCU about as fast as he entered, so thankfully, Paschal was asked how long ole’ Webhead would be sticking around with the likes of Stark.  While her answer was a bit coy and candid, it was also promising:

“I think I’ll answer it this way: I think we found the right formula and I think everybody is going to want the right thing to continue. And I think that there’s a, as I said there’s a surprisingly generous and cooperative thing and if it works for everybody, then it’s going to work for everybody. The thing is—and I always felt this way—if you worry about the movie and you worry about the story, all the politics take care of themselves. They just do. Because when the movies work, there’s enough for more than everybody. It’s when you start making the other stuff first that you start to get in trouble.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Finally, MoviesBook is claiming that Sylvester Stallone will be playing the character of Starhawk in the Guardians sequel.  This information should be taken with a giant grain of salt, despite the fact that other sites are reporting it as a scoop.  This is only a rumor as the site doesn’t give its source or even say how it knows.

In the comics, Starhawk, along with Yondu, was a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy team. This news leads to further speculation that Michael Rosenbaum could play Vance Astro.

Jessica Jones

EW is reporting that British actress Janet McTeer (The White Queen, The Woman in Black) has been cast in the show’s upcoming sophomore season.  McTeer will play an “undisclosed character who will have an enormous impact on Jessica’s life.”

“We are so fortunate to have an actress of Janet’s talent and stature join what is already an incredible cast,” said Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb. “Our second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones aims to capture what audiences loved about our first, and Janet will be key to achieving that goal.”

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