New Games Announced for Switch

So, rather be one of those sites that posts a hundred stories based on single Tweets to make you click on each story, I’ll just combine a bunch of games announced over the weekend as coming to the Switch.

First up, Party Golf, a game that had previously been released on PS4 and Steam, is now coming to the hybrid, as word came via Tweet:


While developer Nicalis recently released The Binding of Isaac on Switch, and they cave-story-plus-boxarthad previously teased Cave Story’s inclusion on the system, Nintendo Everything is now saying that Cave Story + will be coming in June (and getting a physical release).


The game has a huge following, and some on the internet even herald the title as the greatest indy game ever developed.



Next, Old Time Hockey got a new launch trailer, and while we know it’s coming to Switch, we’ve yet to get a release date:


Game dev Over the Moon released an official announcement regarding The Fall Part 2: Unbound, which was previously teased with the Nindies Showcase, prior to the system’s launch.  This announcement came with a new story trailer, and the sad news that the Wii U version of the game would be getting shelved.


And finally, we’ve got Aeternoblade 2, which is also coming to Xbox One & PS4.  As you can see below, the project has hit a snag, but the game will be coming, nonetheless.

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