Splatoon 2 Showcases New Gear

If you were around this weekend and were able to catch a session of the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire, you were likely either very frustrated or having a blast.

Nintendo issued a free demo, set in 1-hour blocks from Friday to Sunday, where players could log in and play a timed Beta and get a feel for the game.  They did the same thing when the original game released on the Wii U a few years ago.  Despite having a busy weekend, either I or my kids were able to log in an play a few sessions, and while I was initially in the first camp, throwing things at the TV and swearing because I kept dying, I eventually caught on and had a good time with it.

So I’m excited for the game’s release this Summer.  We’ll get plenty of new information, no doubt, between now and then, and this morning is a prime example.

The official Twitter page for Splatoon announced gear.  The original had clothes which you could use to customize your look and set you apart from the rest of the squids, but this looks to be a bit different.


Of course, you have hats, clothes, and shoes to pick from.  That’s not a new concept for the IP.  What does seem new, is this:


Gear gives you bonuses and stat boosts in battle.  This may have been a feature of the original, and if so, we now have official confirmation that it’s returning, but I haven’t played the original in quite a while, and I don’t remember this.

I don’t know if the stat boosts were in effect during the Testfire, as the looks were given to you at random since the focus was on combat, but I did seem to do better when wearing the gas mask.

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