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Sony Reportedly Developing Black Cat/Silver Sable Film Without Marvel

Doom and gloom come to the internet today.  It looks like a Venom spin-off/solo movie wasn’t enough for the greedy, money-loving, impatient bastards at Sony.  Today, we get word of this:


Borys Kit writes for the Hollywood Reporter, and their scoops are on the level, so whether we like it or not, this is happening.

Now, before you go all anti-feminist on me, crucify me, and/or draw and quarter me on your progressive stairs, let me tell you why this is bad news.

Actually, I’ll let Borys tell you with his follow up tweet:

Don’t get me wrong, I think Black Cat and Silver Sable are fantastic characters and they need to be featured in films.  I would prefer you give someone like Felicia Hardy at least a small intro part in a better-known franchise (i.e. Spider-Man) so the audience is on-board with this.  For all of you that had to just google Felicia Hardy, you have proven my

Hell, I thought the other day when Marvel was bringing Silver Sable back in the comics that they may be doing so in order to bring her into the MCU someway, somehow.  This is the opposite of what I was thinking.

In case you missed it, this news comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that Sony was planning a Venom solo film that is planning to release a year after Sony and Marvel’s relaunch collaboration Spider-Man Homecoming, and just a few short months after Avengers: Infinity War.  How confused are people going to be?!

First of all, I don’t see the rationale of introducing Spider-Man into the MCU, giving the fans what they want, only to pull the rug out from under people and slap them with spin-off/solo projects but not have them be included.  You are pigeon-holing yourself into a corner.  Venom is a Spider-Man villain.  He started life as a suit for Spidey, and now you’re going to take him and…what?  Make a movie that either doesn’t feature Spider-Man at all or cast a new Spider-Man?  Same with Cat and Sable.  They are supporting Spidey characters.  Not to say that they can’t and shouldn’t carry their own stories, but those stories should have ties back to Spidey.  They should exist in the same world, feature some of the same villains, at least.


Sorry, I’m getting worked up.

Last thing I’m saying on this:

Worst case scenario: the films suck.  Let’s be honest, there’s a good chance that will happen. Spider-Man 3 gave us a very lack-luster Venom.  We don’t want that again.  The world hasn’t gotten to see Cat and Sable yet.  They might not want to again is Sony pisses on them.

Best Case Scenario: The movies are awesome.  The films are so good and people like me didn’t expect that to happen.  Sony has learned a few things about making Marvel movies on their own, and both films make Deadpool levels of cash and fans.  Then people ask when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will make an appearance.  Or Iron Man.  Or…wait, you mean all of these characters that we love should cross-over and interact but they never will?  Why did you do this to us?!

Either way, it’s lose/lose for fans.

Please don’t be true, Sony.  You’ve given us fans some hope…now you’re pissing all over it.

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