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Psylocke Slices into Contest of Champions

Marvel‘s mobile fighting game introduces a new challenger this week in the X-Men’s Psylocke.

In the Battlerealm, where the Collector, the Grandmaster, and other “higher life forms” play with the souls of the undeserving, heroes are pitted against hero in a 2d, screen-button masher.


Psylocke is enlisted by the Grandmaster and pitted against his brother’s army of champions, bringing her katana, psy-blade, and psy-bow and arrow, along with her mind-bending telepathy, which she uses in-game to limit her opponents abilities.

Psylocke appears in a new costume, which is a blend of her classic purple and her more recent X-Force looks.  She joins other X-veterans of CoC as Cyclops, Archangel, Deadpool, Beast, and of course, Wolverine.

It’s nice to see Marvel starting to embrace their X-characters again in games and licensing, since for awhile they seemed to have gone radio-silent on anything X-branded, focusing instead on the heroes and villains they owned the film rights to, to help cross-promote in that way.

When you log in to the game today, you can try to recruit her.  She is available now.

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