Kid Kaiju, Robbie Reyes, and More Join Marvel’s Future Fight

Marvel announced today that their action-RPG for mobile devices is growing its cast of playable characters yet again.

Just when I thought the world was righting some of its wrongs (adding focus to the X-Men) Future Fight goes and takes that all away.  The game’s newest characters show that the All-New Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes (as seen on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD), Hellcat, aka Patsy Walker (from Netflix’s Jessica Jones), and Kid Kaiju (an Inhuman, not a mutant) — fresh from the current comic stories and featuring the ability to make his drawings come to life — are all characters that Marvel owns the film rights to.

That fact doesn’t take away from the quality of their characters or that they deserve to be in this game.  While the announcement didn’t specify, the image seems to indicate that we’ll also be getting new costumes for existing heroes based on their Netflix looks:


Along with new characters comes the new Character Growth System, which grants a Combat Power score.  That score comes from combining the character’s skill strength, gear, ISO-8, etc. Characters will be given a ranking which compares your version of each character to every other player’s version.

“We believe it will be exciting to see how a particular character that a player has put so much effort into ranks among other players,” says Minkyun Kim, Dev Director at “Marvel Future Fight” developer Netmarble.

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