Nintendo Has Sold 1.5 Million Switch Consoles

Well, we’ve heard the rumblings that the Switch is Nintendo’s fastest selling unit in every market, but what exactly does that mean?  Well, in only the first 2 weeks of its release, the system has sold 1.5 million units.

A third of those units sold were here in the US, while Japan saw just fewer purchases.  SuperData is reporting that 89% of people that purchased a Switch brought home Zelda with it.  I’m more surprised by the 11% sitting at home playing nothing but Bomberman.

Let’s put that in context.  Nintendo’s highest selling system of all time, the Wii, sold just north of 100 million units.  The Nintendo 64 sold 33 million in the years it was available.  The Wii U, Nintendo’s last console before the Switch, sold less than 14 million units in four years.

Granted, the Wii U was a gross disappointment for Nintendo, going from 100 million Wii’s to almost 14 million Wii U’s, but that’s what happens sometimes in business.  And let’s be honest, the Wii U was not marketed very effectively.

While Nintendo was hoping to sell 2 million units in the first month, this can only happen if the supply is there.  Every store I’ve been in lately has been completely sold out of the Switch.  Most of them were also bare on games and accessories, as well.

With Mario Kart hitting shelves next month, Splatoon 2 coming this summer, and the new Mario game hitting in time for the Christmas rush, I wouldn’t expect sales to dip too much.


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