John Cena Back for More in Daddy’s Home Sequel

I hesitated to report this, as it’s not exactly comic-y, nerdy news, but since my son has watched the first movie about a hundred times since the beginning of the year, I thought I owed it to the bugger.

The original Daddy’s Home follows a step-father (Will Ferrell) and an estranged bio-dad (Mark Wahlberg) competing for alpha male status and the affection of their two children.  At the end, WWE wrestler John Cena shows up as the bio-dad to Wahlberg’s own step-daughter, hinting that the cycle may be repeating soon.

Maybe this news doesn’t come as a surprise, but THR is now reporting that Cena will return in the sequel as a much bigger presence after his brief cameo in the original.  While there’s no word yet on casting, one would assume Wahlberg’s model wife, Alessandra Ambrosio, will make a return, as well.

Cena joins returning stars Wahlberg, Ferrell, and Linda Cardellini, as well as series’ newcomers John Lithgow and Mel Gibson, who’s seeing a Hollywood renaissance these days.

The movie will hit theaters on November 10.



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