Deadpool 2 Casts Domino

One of the things that made Deadpool so great was how much its star, Ryan Reynolds, obviously cared about the character.

Well, he’s still just as passionate about it, and now that he’s producing the sequel, he gets to go onto Twitter and give us the names of his co-stars:

It would appear that Zazie Beetz from FX’s Atlanta has grabbed the spot that has been rumored for Lizzy Caplan and Janelle Monae in the past few days.

Sounds good to me.  However, I can see some haters screaming protests if they keep her look comic-accurate.  I mean, why cast a person of color if you’re just going to paint her skin white?  Would that be considered ‘white-washing’?

Deadpool 2 does not yet have a firm release, apart from a vague 2018 date.  Expect an official casting announcement for Cable to come soon.

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