Netflix: Iron Fist Costumer Talks Danny’s Look

Of all Marvel’s heroes that have been brought to Netflix, Iron Fist, whose show debuts with all episodes on March 17th, is my most anticipated.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Daredevil.  Jessica Jones was also a great show, and while I didn’t love Luke Cage as much as I had hoped to, it was still quality entertainment and worthy of the Marvel brand.  I love Mike Colter, the actor that plays Cage, and I’m eager to see the chemistry he has with Finn Jones’ Fist.

All of that to say, we’re only a couple weeks out from the final Defender making his live-action debut.  After which, we will hopefully get more information on the series that will bring the four characters together: The Defenders.  Like a release date.

Forbes had a chance to sit and talk with Stephanie Maslansky, costume designer on Iron Fist, as well as the rest of the Netflix heroes.

Of course, as is par for the Marvel course, nothing juicy was revealed, but she talks a bit about the costume creation process and drawing inspiration from the iconic comic book looks, something that may seem difficult to adapt to screen:

I wouldn’t say difficult, no. Although the most unusual-looking character so far, has been the Iron Fist. But there are different illustrations of the Iron Fist. There are some that look very militaristic, kind of cool and edgy. The earlier illustrations have an incredibly seventies vibe. And there’s a look when he wears cargo pants and a tight shirt, with the emblem emblazoned on the shirt. We did something like that, not with the shirt but with the tattoo on his chest. But I drew my inspiration from the classic look, mostly.

From this, it doesn’t sound like Danny will be getting a costume at all.  While there are several moments in the trailers where Danny is seen hiding his face behind a mask of some kind, I’m hopeful he’ll at least have a bandanna reminiscent of the classic look, regardless of whether spandex and tights are used.


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