Switch Review: 1-2 Switch

Many years ago now, I had my bachelor party at Dave & Busters, which, if you’ve never been, is an arcade for adults.  Random people I knew would show up, buy me shots, and then leave.  I don’t remember much of the night, but I remember it ended with me so drunk I couldn’t stand up straight and attempting my hand at Dance Dance Revolution.  It was hilarious for all involved, and there is almost certainly a video floating around somewhere.

I was reminded of that while playing Nintendo’s Wii Sports stand-in, 1-2 Switch this weekend.

As I see it, this is the new party game.  Invite all of your friends over, get good and liquored up, put it on shuffle or team mode, and take turns making fools of yourselves.  It really is a blast!

Of course, you are welcome to play sober, but the game really does need a warning label that advises playing while intoxicated.  My son and I played through most of the 28 mini games throughout the course of the weekend.  Each offered a unique challenge, usually focused on reflexes (Quick Draw, Samurai Training), precision (Safe Crack, Joy-Con Rotation) or mentally psyching out your opponent (Sneaky Dice, Zen), but each game put the focus on the person you were facing, rather than the game screen, which I appreciated.

See, this isn’t a video game, per say.  It’s a board game for a new generation.  And like I told my neighbor when he was facing off against my son, you don’t play the game, you play your opponent.

Prior to its launch, I watched the various videos on 1-2 Switch that Nintendo released and remember thinking, there’s no way I’m going to do that.  That looks so stupid.  And it does look stupid, but I ended up doing it anyway, and had a good time despite myself.

I would say, as often as we’ll likely play the game, it may be slightly over-priced, but if you’re a fan of entertaining and you have a Switch anyway, it’s a worthy grab that will engage men and women, young and old.

However, 1-2 Switch is not the game you buy to sit and play with yourself in the darkness.  If you live in your parent’s basement, your room smells like old gym socks, and nobody comes over to see you…if your only social interaction comes from trolling the message boards, save your money.  This is not your game.


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