Monsters Unleashed on Avengers Academy

This story comes a little late, and that’s my bad, guys.

I’ve been so wrapped up in Zelda all weekend that I forsook all other games.  Forgive me?

Over the weekend, Marvel’s FTP mobile Avenger’s Academy segued from its event featuring Kang the Conqueror and the Young Avengers that opposed him to one of monstrous proportions.

The story goes that as Kang is a master of time and knows a thing or two about the timefog that surrounds the Academy, on his way to being banished yet again, he unleashes Fin Fang Foom from imprisonment within the mysterious fog.  Once out, Mr. Foom, played here as a narcoleptic space-dragon, uses his powers to summon and control various other giant monsters while he searches for his ten power rings that were pilfered during his imprisonment.  This last point will undoubtedly lead to a Mandarin event, though nothing has been confirmed yet, but…come on.  It has to, right?

Recruitable characters this time around will be Moon Girl, Hercules, Devil Dinosaur, Elsa Bloodstone, Orrgo (who/whatever that is), and Amadeus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk (as a premium).

New costumes will also be coming for Wasp (as a Pokemon trainer), Loki, Iron Man, Widow, Hulk, & Cap (as a nod to his 2015 Secret Wars time paling around with Devil Dino).

And as always, Marvel ended the announcement with a tease of things yet to come.  Once the monsters are sent packing and/or recruited, the Academy will come under attack by a confederation of other schools, some of which (likely Hydra and AIM) have come under new management, and others that haven’t been seen before now (maybe the previously mentioned space academy?), although crazy theories will likely begin to fly, as Marvel teased the entrance of characters that players never would have thought to see in this game.  The easy money goes to the X-Men, who already live in a school.  We’ll see come April.



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