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Marvel Inhumans' Cast to Get Lockjaw

With the close of this crazy week, Marvel closes out the cast of its Inhumans TV series for ABC and IMAX theaters.  Joining the previously announced Ansel Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Iwan Rheon as Maximus, and Ken Leung as Karnak are the following:

Eme Ikwuakor (“Extant”) as GorgonBlack Bolt’s cousin and the leader of the military for Attilan.  He has hooves for feet that send out shockwaves with a stomp.  He’s a bit of a hot-head.

Isabelle Cornish (“Puberty Blues”) as Crystal – Medusa’s younger sister with the ability to control fire, earth, water, and wind.  She may not be so good with the “heart.”

Mike Moh (“Empire”) as TritonAnother cousin of the king, he has the appearance of a fishman and the abilities you would expect to come along with that.

Sonya Balmores (“Soul Surfer”) as Auran – Head of the Royal Guards on Attilan, a capable and no-nonsense woman. She is fiercely loyal to the King of Attilan.

Ellen Woglom (“Californication”) as an unknown character that is said to be “smart, intense, and focused—so focused that oftentimes, social skills take a back seat. Her job at a private aerospace company is her life, second only to her passion for all things space and lunar. She’s primed to be swept up in an adventure.”

With this news comes the report that Lockjaw will also be featured in the show.  Lockjaw is a 2,000 lb teleporting doggie (see below) and the Inhumans primary mode of transportation.


Of course Marvel’s head of TV, Jeph Loeb had nothing but great things to say about this announcement:

“We’re thrilled with this cast. Eme, Isabelle, Mike, Sonya, and Ellen round out an incredible array of talent that will finally bring the Royal Family of the Inhumans to IMAX and ABC.”

Marvel’s Inhumans will debut this fall for two weeks in IMAX theaters before completing its 8-episode run on ABC.


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