Marvel’s Inhumans Detects Its Karnak

Today, Marvel brings us another casting announcement!

Ken Leung has fought off all other contenders and nabbed the role of Karnak, the Yoda-like adviser to the Inhumans’ king, Black Bolt.  His ability to find the weakness in anything transcends from boards, to walls, to master plans.  Which is why he plays, most often, as a karate-chopping butt-kicker.

You may remember Leung as Miles on Lost, but he’s also had roles in Person of Interest, Zero Hour, and The Night Shift.

Showrunner Scott Buck praised Leung in the role:

“Ken Leung has a great natural intelligence that reads clearly and will add depth and complexity to the very complicated character of Karnak.”

Leung joins the previously announced Ansel Mount, Serinda Swan, and Iwan Rheon.  We still have Gorgon, Triton, and Crystal, unless they have a few NuHumans surprises to add to the mix…Moon Girl, anyone?

The Inhumans will debut this Fall in IMAX and on ABC.


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