Shovel Knight Amiibo Support Revealed

If you don’t know what amiibo are, take a walk through any video game department in any store these days.  You’ll see a wall of little statues in the likeness of various Nintendo characters.  These are amiibo.

It’s a way for Nintendo to offer collectibles in order to milk their fans for everything they have.  Apart from that, they’ve been known to have certain functions in certain compatible games.  They became so popular that even non-Nintendo companies, like Yacht Club Games, wanted one, too.  So we got a Shovel Knight amiibo, and when it was used on the Wii U version of the 2nd Shovel Knight game, it unlocked an exclusive co-op mode.

Well, that co-op mode will be present in the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove compilation going forward, but that doesn’t mean that amiibo will just collect dust.

Today, Yacht Club announced that the Shovel Knight amiibo will unlock a little friend to accompany you called the Fairy of Shovelry.  This little critter will not only accompany Shovel Knight, but Specter Knight & Plague Knight, also.


Since amiibo are there to enhance gameplay with their unlocks, rather than necessitate it, this little gimmick is a fun add to an otherwise great game.

The Shovel Knight amiibo is already available in stores, and the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will be available as a Switch launch title this Friday.


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