Gotham’s Silver St. Cloud Now a Mutant

I hate to even brand this story with the mighty word “Marvel” because it focuses on Fox’s new X-Men spin-off show, still untitled, created and developed by Matt Nix from Burn Notice and Bryan Singer, who has slowly been destroying the X-Men brand for years through the medium of film.

The reason I hate to use Marvel’s name with this show is that Marvel’s own website isn’t even reporting these casting announcements.  This one comes from Variety.  But it seems that whenever Marvel announces a new cast member for its Inhumans series, Fox announces another for this, not to be outdone.

natalie-alyn-lind-photoshoot-february-2016-6 Natalie Alyn Lynd has been cast as Lauren, one of the mutant children of human parents that has to go on the run from the government.

No word on what powers she will exhibit, but as far as I know, there are no mutants with the name Lauren, though the character is being described as “smart, pretty, popular, organized and already ahead on her college applications, she is the model of a perfect kid.”

Of course you probably know Lind from her time on Fox’s Gotham, where she played Silver St. Cloud, or maybe you saw her on The Goldbergs, where she played the young lead’s love interest.  Either way, you may soon know her as Lauren on Fox-Men, because Fox will probably go all-in on this one.  The only hope I have that it will be any good is because Legion has been killing it for three weeks straight now.

No word on when this series will debut or if it will ever get a title, but stay tuned here in the meantime.

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