Switch Gets a New Launch Title

Well, here we are, only a few days away from the global launch of Nintendo’s newest system, a home console/mobile game hybrid, and we think we know what to expect.

Think again!

Today comes word via Famitsu, we know know that one of the games previously confirmed for launch day in Japan, Flying Bunbun Barn, will also be available in Europe and North America on March 3rd.

Nintendo Everything is claiming the game will be called Vroom in the Night Sky for Western audiences, but that name’s as stupid as Flying Bunbun Barn.

The game appears to be a racing game, where anime-styled witches race around on enchanted mopeds, collecting stars, which they can exchange for beefier bikes.  One cool feature of the game is that it showcases the Switch’s HD rumble to simulate bike vibration and wind speed, and that the bigger the bike, the more intense the rumble.

No word on pricing for the game, but the other eshop titles have been going for around $19.99, so you wouldn’t be loony to expect a similar price tag of this title.  Don’t get me wrong, more launch titles is a good thing, but this one seems a bit odd to me.  If they have a demo, I’ll certainly give this a shot.

With any luck, we’ll get a few more details on this game (and maybe some surprises) during the Nindies Showcase later this morning.

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