Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase – What Games Were Revealed?

Well, the Nindies Showcase has come and gone, and in case you missed the relatively-short video, here’s a quick recap.

Below, you can find a list of the games shown, along with their release dates.  More games were hinted at, and Nintendo’s Damon Baker, who hosted the presentation, said that the games that will not be released exclusively on Switch, or as a timed exclusive, will feature exclusive content or features on the console (like HD rumble).

SteamWorld: Dig 2 (2017)

Yooka-Laylee (April 11)

Overcooked: Special Edition (2017)

The Escapists 2 (2017)

Gonner (2017)

Dandara (Summer 2017)

Kingdom 2 Crowns (2017) with Co-op

Runner 3 (Fall 2017) – Switch Exclusive

Blaster Master Zero (March 9) – Nintendo exclusive, Switch & 3DS

Flipping Death (2017)

Graceful Explosion Machine (April 2017)

Mr. Shifty (April 2017) – timed exclusive

Tumbleseed (Summer 2017)

Shakedown Hawaii (April 2017)

Pocket Rumble (March 2017)

War Groove (2017)

Stardew Valley (Summer 2017) – First console to receive the game with multiplayer.

Well, we didn’t get any new launch-day titles, but Baker did advise that new titles will be coming weekly to the eshop beginning on launch day (March 3), so check back often.

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