DC Finds New Director for Solo Bat-flick

Warner Bros. have officially announced that War of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves will take the helm on The Batman, starring Ben Affleck. Affleck was chosen to direct the solo bat-film, but backed out.

Ben Affleck is an amazing director (Argo, The Town). However, Batfleck is a so so actor at best. (He was the BOMB in Phantoms!) This is just another example on how D.C. Comics has pooped the bed in their cinematic universe. Deathstroke may be the next Bat-baddie in line, but if The Batman fails, the real death stroke will come from the studio and the Justice League may not be able to defeat that all powerful foe!

Reports of the Justice League movie has hit rocky waters as Batfleck’s only credibility comes as a director. If these kinds of setbacks continue, Warner Bros. will have Jason Momoa’s Aquaman performing Game of Thrones-esque love scenes with a humpback whale, and Cyborg will be replacing Captain Kirk as Wonder Woman’s vibrator.

If The Batman triumphs, maybe Reeves can join the Planet of the Apes and D.C. universes together. Imagine a stand-alone film where Dr. Zaius and Gorrilla Grodd grow closer while attending college at Vasser, where Grodd bangs his chest saying, “Why can’t I quit you?” If Nathan Lane plays Dr. Zaius and Neil Patrick Harris is brought on for Grodd, count me in!

The Batman doesn’t have a release date at this time. 

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