New Splatoon 2 Stage Revealed – Diadema Amphitheater

The Japanese Twitter page for Splatoon released images of a new battle arena for this summer’s Splatoon 2 on Switch.

The Tweet translates to:

Here’s the “Diadema Amphitheater”. The facility will hold concerts of various artists. The legendary band “Squid Squad” got their start here, and so it has become a holy place for Rock. The ink won’t ruin the instruments and equipment.

splatoon-2-ampitheater-3-656x369While the Tweet does tease bands playing, which would make for a great background effect and cool BG music, but it may just be lip-service, as none of the pics show anyone jamming out.


Still, it’s a very cool venue, and I like that they’re taking the fight to unique and hip locations.

Splatoon 2 will release some time this summer.  Expect more arenas and possibly weapons to be announced in the meantime.


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