What Role Does Princess Zelda Play in BotW?

Game Informer is back again today with new information that isn’t so much a scoop as speculation.

In the earliest games, the Princess’ role was merely as MacGuffin, but in more recent games, like Skyward SwordWind Waker, and even Hyrule Warriors, we see the Princess coming into her own and having a much more active role, alongside Link.

One of the best cataclysmic boss battles, for me, is in Wind Waker, where Zelda fights Ganondorf alongside Link, shooting arrows at him.  It gave that game a very cinematic feel to the end.


However, with all the talk of an optional story in Breath of the Wild and the open exploration, the role of Zelda could appear more muted this outing?  The astute observer is quick to interject at this point.  Not so fast, they say.  I’ve seen the trailers.  She’s crying, she’s very emotional.  There’s even an image of her apparently wielding the Tri-Force.

Others online are quick to point out that her clothing is very similar to that which Link is oftentimes shown donning, as if it were a uniform of some sort.  Maybe they come from the same tribe?


Producer Eiji Aonuma had this to say:

“I think it is really important for the players to feel like they are Link.  Whether the player will feel like they are the main character is a very important element in this game, and if the player is looking at the storyline from an outsider’s perspective, then they may not feel that real connection with those characters. So that deep involvement is necessary to feel a deeper relationship with the characters. Especially when Link is growing, or the characters are growing, and can feel that growth with them, then you will feel an even closer relationship with them.”

We’ve heard before that if you play the game right, play the story out til the end, Zelda will even get mad at Link and scold him.  Aonuma teases that Zelda exhibits a wide variety of emotions in this game.

We’ll find out soon enough.  Less than two weeks now until the March 3rd release.


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