New Zelda Amiibo Functionality Revealed

Finally, an answer to the age old question…  What do the new Zelda amiibo do in Breath of the Wild?

We learned a few weeks ago that the 30th anniversary amiibo unlock supplies like meat and fish for Link.  Now we know, thanks to a Reddit user and the back of the new amiibo packaging that Nintendo has been shipping out to certain (**cough, not me, cough**) online reviewers and bloggers.


From the Rider Link, it appears that the amiibo will grant you with a shiny sword or new saddle.

From the Archer Link, players can unlock a sweet, armored bow.

I’ve been withholding judgment on picking up the amiibo until I knew if they were worth it, since I’m unable to simply collect all of them for display-only purposes.  It looks like at least these 2 could be worth their weight.  Let’s hope we get an idea of what the rest do sooner than later.


Thanks to a new article and boxing video (we can’t call it unboxing if they don’t open it, right?) by Gamexplain, we now have clearer images of the other amiibo packaging.

First, with the Guardian, we now know that it does indeed grant the mystical arrow that guardian-amiiboLink has been seen shooting at the Guardian in trailers.  The other items look like gears and a bomb of some sort, alongside a treasure chest.  We will have to wait a bit longer to learn what these items do in-game.

Next, we see the Bokoblin gives Link the crude stone weapons that Link can obtain from killing these foes bokoblin-amiiboin the wild.  Not sure this is much of an upgrade or leg-up.  I would assume these baddies are aplenty in the wilds, and with some of the other new weapons unlocked from the other amiibo, shouldn’t be too hard to mow down.

So, with the new image, we can see that Zelda does give you a shield (not the Gossip Stones from Ocarina of Time with the eyeballs on them as I had previously speculated).  But with the glisten, could it be the Mirror Shield, or just something similarly enchanted?


The amiibo will be released alongside the game on March 3rd.


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