Agents of SHIELD – What Happens Now?

If you haven’t yet watched tonight’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, stop reading now.  Spoilers follow.

You’ve been warned.

So, after a crazy hour of our favorite agents fighting against each other, the hour ends with Daisy and Simmons entering into the Framework in attempt to rescue their friends.

Which brings us to the third “pod” of episodes, as they’re calling it. First, we had Ghost Rider.  Then, we had the LMDs.  This next series of episodes, unless we get a quick in and out, looks to be focused on the Framework.

Showrunner Jed Whedon told IGN (as reported earlier today) that Hydra would make a return in a surprise way, which appears now, to be as a replacement for SHIELD within the confines of the Framework.  At least one of our agents, May, looks to be a card-carrying member.

While they can certainly stretch out the narrative and force it to linger, SHIELD has a habit of moving far quicker than expected and certainly resolves plot threads at a faster pace than most other shows tend to do.

It certainly would appear that the teases the cast made to reward longtime fans relates to the throwbacks seen briefly in the Framework, namely Ward’s reappearance.  One would presume that Brett Dalton will return for an episode or more to resume his role, though I can’t say I’ve really missed him.  The show has been strengthened this season not forcing a role for Dalton or lingering on Hydra.

Personally, I certainly hope the Framework can be concluded in a single episode, or maybe two, as Jed Whedon and the cast teased some pretty exciting things when the show returns in 6 weeks, and I’d be pretty disappointed to see Dr. Franklin Hall emerge from the gravitonium and assume his role as the super-powered villain Graviton, only to have it be within the confines of their collective minds.  After all, the only agent left in the real world appears to be Yo-yo, and Aida and the Superior (now in his $6 million body) are in desperate need of a whooping.

Agents of the MATRIX returns on April 4th.  Time will tell if Daisy will be “The One.”

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