Zelda Producer Talks Games That Inspired Him

As part of its month of Zelda coverage, Game Informer today released an article that had little to actually do with Zelda.

In speaking with the series’ producer, Eiji Aonuma, the question was asked which other games the producer had played that maybe influenced the creation of Breath of the Wild. Despite his busy schedule, Aonuma found time to play games like The Witcher, Skyrim, and Far Cry.

“While playing those games, I do find some ideas, but it’s not that it connects directly to Zelda to where I would take something and use it in Zelda, but it’s more of something I keep in the back of my head while developing the game.”

As his team worked diligently to finish Link’s newest adventure, Aonuma found less and less time to play with other properties.  He did, however, play through The Last Guardian:

“[Fumito ] Ueda and I go back, so when he completed that game he sent a copy to me. It was actually a really busy time so I shouldn’t have been playing the game, but I just couldn’t resist, and it was really good….Flying in the sky is very similar to paragliding in Breath of the Wild, so it kind of made me feel like, we’re friends, and we’re kind of doing a similar thing.”

Of course, you know that Breath of the Wild comes out March 3rd.

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