Binding of Isaac Delayed for Switch

Lately, we’ve had a pretty solid stream of news coming out regarding the Nintendo Switch and its tidal wave of games.  Most all of it has been pretty positive and exciting.

Tonight’s news, however, is not.  Nicalis, the developer behind The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, announced today that the game will be delayed.

Previously heralded as one of the few launch titles for the Switch, the game was pushed back due to unforeseen and undisclosed circumstances.  While it won’t be there on March 3rd, it is still targeting an ambiguous March release, and more details will likely be given sooner than later.

I would have thought being one of only a handful of launch titles would have helped sales for the game, but hopefully it won’t see a dip in sales as it will maintain the launch window and those speed-running through Zelda will be looking for another game.tumblr_inline_olottir1hc1sbz3t9_500

This news come on the heels of a pre-order incentive announcement — that pre-orders of the game will receive a full-color 20-page instruction book, along with some stickers.  If that’s your thing, the good news is, with the delay in release, you have extra time to get your pre-order in.



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