The Nintendo Switch Gets an Unofficial Theme Song

Nerds have skills.  Typically you think of those skills as web coding and being able to do super long division problems like Good Will Hunting.  You don’t think of nunchuk skills or rapping.

That all changes today.  Well, not the nunchuk part.

If you are unaware, there is a rapper that goes by the name FabvL (pronounced “fable”) that is so hyped for the Nintendo Switch that he’s written a rap song about it.  And honestly…it’s not half bad.  Dude’s got skills and he can flow.

The video’s nothing but game play from various titles, but you may end up dancing along to it.

Fabvl has his own YouTube channel where he posts tracks on various video games like Overwatch, Pokemon Go, and Zelda.  Some of them are NSFW, lyrically.

If now you have this song stuck in your head, like me, you can purchase it on Amazon and probably iTunes, and get it jamming in your car as you cruise through the ‘hood.

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