Switch: Capcom Reveals New Details on New Street Fighter

Today, Capcom released a few extra details on game modes for its upcoming Switch title: Ultimate Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers.

Turns out, the game comes loaded with tons of artwork that you can peruse at your leisure.   1,400 images, to be exact. That may take a while to sift through, but the die hard fan will undoubtedly make time for it.58a65b09e4b53

They’ve also added a new color edit feature, where players can change the skin and 58a65b0a031f0costume colors of their fighters to make them stand out in online matches, or just to suit their preferences.  10 color schemes can be saved for each fighter.

In addition to what we’ve already seen regarding the game’s new first-person mode, where the player controls Ryu and fights enemies using the Joy-Con in motion controls, Capcom gave us a few extra tidbits.  There will be three modes under this option: Stage Mode, Endless Mode, and Training.  In Stage Mode, players will defeat enemies and advance to the next level.  Endless mode is just what it sounds like: it’s an endurance match to see how long you can survive as an endless wave of enemies tries to knock you down.  Training is meant to get you used to the controls and help you master your “hadouken.”  Of course, Ryu will gain experience as you progress, and you will be able to level him up accordingly.58a65b0a07070

Also, below is a fun little video in which Toyota teamed up with Street Fighter in their “Crossover the World” project.  The only caveat is that the final opponent is not Vega, as listed, but M. Bison.


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