“Super Bomberman R” Multiplayer Details

In two weeks, Konami’s new game Super Bomberman R will launch alongside Nintendo’s Switch.

The game will feature 8-player battles, and now, Konami has addressed how those battles can be fought in a few images.

The first way is 8 Joy-Con controllers on a single Switch in offline mode.


Another way is four friends sitting around with their Switch devices, all local, each playing 2 players on a device.


The last way to 8-player battle is for 2 players on a single device, each of four devices connected over the internet.  Presumably, internet play could also be done with 8 separate Switchs, but we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that.


Below, Konami has been releasing character bios via their official Twitter.  I’ve compiled all of them so far.  You can familiarize yourself with the heroic choices and decide who you’ll main on March 3rd.




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